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What does it take to lose 60 pounds and keep it off? Well, I'll tell you in a minute. First, let me say that every day is a new opportunity for this foodie! Experimenting with creating the delicious dish in my own kitchen is one of my great enjoyments. After visiting a new restaurant or the kitchen of a chef/friend, locally or on travels far and near, I'm always in a hurry to get back to my own kitchen and create, inspired by my recent discoveries. I've shared these discoveries with you on my Daily*Dishin blog for some time. Now, I'm bringing my fellow food lovers an all new experience with Delicious Lean.  In 2012 I lost 60 pounds with a health coach who taught me to eat "lean and green" and took me through a program that helped me learn healthier habits including small, more frequent meals, better ways to handle stress, how to get better sleep, and more. Since my cooking style has never made room for plain baked chicken, it's been my challenge to create flavorful and delicious dishes while keeping a better balance of calories, carbs, and fat. It IS possible and you'll find many of these dishes at my Delicious Lean blogsite. And I'm continuing to blog about the classic southern fare I grew up eating along with new favorites at Daily*Dishin - I've just learned to enjoy in smaller portions and keep the rich stuff down to the occasional indulgence!

*Do you need a change? Love good food but don't love how you look or feel anymore? I highly recommend the health changing, life changing program we followed which you can learn about HERE. I became such a proponent of this program that I left a corporate recruiting job and trained as a Certified Health Coach after seeing the drastic change in my health in 2012. I felt certain that if I could do this program successfully, anyone could! Over the past few years I've thoroughly enjoyed working with well over 100 clients to help them reach a healthy goal weight and learn newer ways to cook and live well and long.

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