Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blackberry Rum Shrub

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Trust me, this tastes nothing like a piney green shrub from the garden; it's actually a refreshingly fruity cocktail that just happens to have an odd name. Shrubs were quite the popular drink of the 17th century. Today's version skips the fruit-soaked-in-vinegar in favor of fruit crushed with sugar to produce plenty of juice with a dash of balsamic, which has its own degree of sweetness that really tempers that vinegary edge. I was surprised how tasty shrubs can be when I had a chance to sample some recently at Napa Valley Distillery while traveling.  In 2012 Saveur featured this drink and it does seem to be trending now, in addition to being a tasty revival of a very old drink.
Use half as much sugar as fruit.
I had about 1 cup of blackberries. Using 1/2 as much sugar to fruit ratio, I added 1/2 cup sugar and crushed all together until it exuded plenty of juice. Reserve a few berries for garnish!

Add 1 tablespoon of balsamic and let this mixture rest for an hour or so as the sugar completely dissolves and the berries give up a little more juice. You will then have your "shrub."
Save a few whole berries for garnish.
I also like the idea of using a brandied Blackberry as garnish, hence the little jar you see above, but this requires some planning ahead. About a month or two ahead, unfortunately! Right now, while you have fresh blackberries on hand, fill a jar and top them with warmed brandy. In a month or two, make yourself another Blackberry Rum Shrub and luxuriate in a brandied garnish, my friend.
So, here's what it takes to assemble your cocktail. Spoon up 1 Tbs of the blackberry shrub into the bottom of a stemmed flute (you may strain the seeds out by pressing it through a sieve, but I like the bits of seedy fruit so I leave them in). Top this with 2 oz (2 jiggers) of rum, light or dark, and top up the glass with club soda or other bubbly water such as San Pellegrino. Garnish with a few whole blackberries, fresh or brandied. Cheers! Take yourself out to the garden and toast the setting sun.

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