Sunday, March 13, 2011

Creamy Coddled Eggs

Why not coddle an egg? Must we always take out our whisk and beat the poor egg? The coddled egg is creamy-licious besides being quick and simple. It minds its own business coddling along while the rest of breakfast is being prepared. Yes, I know, not everyone has these fancy-pants little coddlers sitting around in the china cabinet. I bought mine in a consignment store for $5 apiece and ordered a few more on Ebay for a full set. But, you could probably get the same results by cracking the egg into a small ovenproof dish or ramekin and sealing it up really well with aluminum foil, wrapping from the bottom up. It's partially the steam that cooks the egg to such a lovely creamy consistency so a good seal is essential.

Really, it just takes 5 minutes to crack an egg into each cup, top with a bit of cheese and butter. I like to add a tiny dollop of honey mustard and finish with a shake of salt and pepper.

Ready to be capped for the coddling.

Cheddar Cheese
Honey Mustard

Twenty minutes bubbling in the waist deep waters will do it.

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  1. I told you that you were our family "Martha", and now you are proving it!!!! We tried the bacon, and tomorrow, we're trying the coddled eggs. Art's mom had a set of those egg cookers, and they look just like yours. I enjoy your "splashy" way of describing the preparation. It makes it very entertaining, while serving the purpose of direction.


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