Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raspberry Coulis

Perhaps this isn't truly a coulis (was that too rhymey?) being rather sweet as jam and not strained of its seeds, but by whatever name it's a most heavenly fresh-as-spring topping for ice cream. This one is full of nice big chunks of peach and with the raspberries on top I'm calling it Peach Melba supreme! I know I'm bandying about all sorts of fancy dessert names, so I'll just say simply, try this quick little raspberry treat on any ice cream or pound cake or toast or...oh, a spoon. Such an easy way to glorify a ready made dessert, especially when you're investing a lot of time in dinner for company and there isn't much time left for dessert prep. It's as easy as this - put a cup of raspberries and a separate cup of sugar in a 350 degree oven. You can actually use these Pyrex cups like I did and they'll be safe in the oven, like any Pryex. (Never under a broiler though, they'll explode! Been there.) In about 20 minutes neither will look any different, but pour them together and an instant ruby red river will follow. That firey hot sugar bursts the little raspberry capsules of juice upon contact. Sweetness ensues!

A gentle stir will dissolve the last of the sugar while keeping some berries intact.
Now in this jar it really does look like jam, but it does not set up like a jelly or jam. I keep it this way in the fridge, if there's any left to put away!  Which there will not be if there's chocolate ice cream in the freezer, too. And, wait for it...wait for it...there's more....
Yes! For just a moment, when the golden raspberries are ripe, golden coulis is too beautiful not to make at least once. I topped off a dish of pistachio ice cream with this one, but oh how pretty it would look over a cheesecake or maybe a wedge of angel food cake.   There you have it, a 20 minute wonder to elevate simple dessert to the sublime.

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