Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dark Chocolate Sorbet

(Printable Recipe)
This deep, dark chocolate sorbet tastes every bit as rich as the darkest chocolate ice cream but doesn't have a drop of dairy in it. Without the fat content of cream, which dulls the taste buds, the depth of this sorbet's chocolate flavor is fully experienced. The ingredients are simple: sugar, cocoa, a little boozy vanilla. Water. That's it.

Start by melting dry sugar over medium heat. You don't need to stir constantly, but don't walk off, keep an eye on it and stir a bit as the sugar starts to melt and darken, then stir fairly continuously.

 It will begin to look amber and very crumbly, then the sugar will begin to liquify.
Finally, as all the sugar melts it will darken further. Keep stirring continuously now.
Now the fun begins! As soon as the sugar has completely liquified (don't worry about those crystals on the side of the pan, leave them alone) pour in 3 cups of water quickly and lean back as you watch a small volcanic eruption in the pan. 
The water will cause the hot syrup to seize only momentarily. Keep stirring and you'll soon notice the crust beginning to collapse and melt into the water. Switching to a wire whisk will make it easier to feel the solid bits sticking to the bottom of the pan and keep them moving toward reliquification. 
Now add 3/4 cup cocoa, 1 tsp vanilla, and spinkle of salt. Whisk well. 

Now, into the fridge until completely chilled. I recommend making this the day before you want to serve it, churning at the last minute. I use a small Hamilton Beach Electric Ice Cream Maker which requires no ice or salt, but the gel-filled freezer bowl takes 8-12 hours to freeze so I pop it into the freezer at the same time the liquid sorbet goes to the fridge. And the next day:
Liquid sorbet is soon ready to eat with a spoon!
Churn 30-40 minutes or until as thick as desired. 
Sorbet's consistency is less firm than ice cream and may be difficult to churn beyond a soft-serve consistency. It will firm up if moved to the freezer if you prefer to ball it up with an ice cream scoop and can stand to wait that long!  Deep, dark chocolate, smooth and rich with just a touch of bourbon-y vanilla. If you've never made your own vanilla, go for it: drop two or three split vanilla beans into a small bottle of good bourbon. I use Maker's Mark from my native Kentucky homeland. Be patient for a few months and you will be well rewarded. So will your every dessert.

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